As showed at
Musikmesse 2006
Prolight+Sound 2006

booth A34 hall 4.1
RoHS compliant
versions available
for all X Series.
RoHS compliant versions available.
XD - Power and perfection!
XD - 3.600 watts RMS @ 2 ohms of high-fidelity!
Power: 3.600 watts RMS........Distortion: 0,008%
Damping: >
2,000 @ 40Hz, >800 @ 10,000 kHz
Slew Rate:
35V/uS (no filter). Best in it's class!!!
Pacha Brasil
Pacha/SP, the world's
biggest, uses
Studio R
amps and DAS Aero.

Due to numerous requests: X-Series EIA "33/66" Power Comparison Chart.

X12 - World's most powerful in continuous watts!!!
13200 watts EIA
stereo @ 2 ohm
both channels driven
New Studio R X12 - 13.200 watts EIAJ.
11000 watts IEC
stereo @ 2 ohms
both channels driven
X12: the most powerful touring-class amplifier made in series on the planet.

Weight: 11.5 kg (21lbs)
01 units rack
ACE2400 - 2.400 watts RMS stereo @ 4ohms, with Built-in stereo Linkwitz-Riley crossover..
- ACE2400 - 2400 watts RMS stereo @ 4 Ohm:
- Built-in stereo Linkwitz-Riley crossover (each channel independant),
- adjustable from 80 to 5600Hz,
- Perfect for 4 speakers up to 600w RMS or 2 speakers up to 800w RMS.
Weight: 16 kg (35lbs)
02 units rack

X8 - 8.000 watts RMS stereo @ 2ohms..
- X8 - 8000 watts RMS stereo @ 2 Ohm:
- Perfect for 8 speakers up to 1000w RMS, 4 speakers up to 1175w RMS
- or 2 speakers up to 1300 watts RMS.
- Extremely powerful, light weight and compact!
Weight: 16 kg (35lbs)
02 units rack

X5 - 5.600 watts RMS stereo @ 2ohms..
- X5 - 5600 watts RMS stereo @ 2 Ohm:
- Perfect for 8 speakers up to 700w RMS, 4 speakers up to 850w RMS
- or 2 speakers up to 1000 watts RMS.
- Ligth and compact, with AB class quality and very low price.
A new era

X1 - 1.200 watts RMS stereo em 2ohms..
- X1 Driver - 1200 watts RMS stereo @ 2 Ohm:
- Perfect for powerful drivers, with unique features:
- THD: 0.015% @ 2 Ohm, 0.008% @ 4 Ohm, 0.005% @ 8 Ohm.
- Amazing damping factor of 1000 up to 10kHz.
- Class AB special with high polarization current.
- Supports impedances up to 1.3 Ohm (+/- 60º).
Z Series


Weight: 30 kg (66lbs)
04 units rack

Z10 - 10.000 watts RMS stereo @ 2ohms. Only 30kg!!!.
- Z10 - 10000 watts RMS stereo @ 2 Ohm:
- Perfect for 8 speakers up to 1250w RMS, 4 speakers up to 1570w RMS
- or 2 speakers up to 1750w RMS. One of the most powerfull available!
- The best choice for loudspeaker's headroom needs and systems with speaker management, processors, crossovers or limiters.

Z Series - 4ohm: with built-in adjustable crossover!
Inside Z Series 4-ohm!

Now you can rely on a complete line of 4-ohm professional amplifiers with all the Studio R quality. There are 9 models from 200 to 3200 watts RMS, stereo and bivolt, on just 2 racks/unit, with:

- Built-in, adjustable stereo crossover*;
- XLR and P10 balanced inputs;
- Variable speed ventilation;
  - Individual opto-limiters;
- Protection systems;
- AB-Class amplifier;
- A wide warranty;
and more! Check it.

.Studio R Highlights:

..Processed amplified speakers: SKY Sound FLY! >

- Superpowerful, biamplified, with active crossover,
- Total and individual process on each path,
- Fly support PA integrated with the cabinet by internal hardware,
- Cabinet in plywood (Parana Pine) with extra resistant painting,
- Silent dissipation with no external fans,
- Total warranty for electronics and assembly,
- Fully balanced, new (P10 and XLR) connections,
- Line and microphone inputs with individual volumes,
- Full protection system and individual opto-limiters,
- Mixed signal output (line+mic) for splitting various speakers,
- Three-band equalizer (low, mid, and high).

.SKY Sound Fly Self-powered Processed Systems!

Reference amplifier for studios: Z.200  > 

With passive cooling, is ideal for studio monitoring
and amplification of tweeters and drivers:
THD < 0.01% and response from 20 Hz to 200 kHz  within+/- 1dB!


Power control. Up to 1000 watts per speaker: V8  >

Studio R V8, for speaker of up to 1000 Watts RMS.
With a selectable output power and integrated crossover, it will
revolutionize your system. Click the image for details >

Studio R V8

Installation Series: LINE Amplifiers for ambient sound  >

Presents high sound definition, low distortion and low loss.
Ideal for short-or long-distance 100 volts applications.

LINE Amplifier
Performance, practicality, and price! Studio R 250 Voice Monitor:
Studio R 250 Voice Monitor 250 Voice Monitor:
Amplified voice monitor
with coaxial technology!
Studio R 250 Voice Monitor

A higher-quality and highly versatile monitor.
Compact with an amazing performance,
and an unbeatable price!
.Check it. It certainly will exceed all of your


4X4 System

Plug&Play Modules

Crest Factor limiter
Intelligent  Opto-limiter

Linear Bass - Perfect Clear Loud Bass


World famous band Sepultura, tested the new Studio R processed systems and compared them with the world's best equipment.
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The brillant bass player Jorge Pescara has been playing with Studio R ampliers for years, and now tell us his impressions.
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(*) Except Z.200 and Z.500. (**) Except Z2000, Z2400 and Z3200.

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