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Jorge Pescara

Jorge Pescara at the side of one of his Studio R SX, and below the new "Electro Acustico" CD, by the ZERO group, which he belongs to.
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ZERO - Electro Acústico
With an internationally acknowledged talent, Jorge Pescara today stands out as one of the best Brazilian bass players, always keeping pace with the world music first-magnitude stars such as Ithamar Koorax and Dom Um Romão, among others, and launchinig brilant works greatly highlighted by the national and international music review. The Downbeat magazine, with its traditional Year’s Best election, the most important from the U.S. musical press, recently pointed out among the Top 10 World Ensembles, the Dom Um Romão sextet, commanding a group entirely made up of Brazilians: Paula Faour, Jorge Pescara, José Carlos Bigorna (ex-Barão), Marcelo Salazar, and Ithamara Koorax.  The sextet ranked the seventh place, competing with names such as Kronos Quartet, currently the best in classical music, Santana, in rock, the Afro-Cuban All Stars, and ahead of names such as Tower of Power, in black music, and Los Lobos, in rock. The voting has taken place for 66 years now and, for the first time, since 1935, a Brazilian group has been appointed.

Playing with Studio R amps for more than a year, Jorge shows his satisfaction with the brand:

"I am quite pleased with the SX ADL and SX Full powers, and have used almost exclusively one or the two together, in shows with Ithamara Koorax, Nabby Clifford, and the Zero Rock group (together with my four speakers: 1x18" sub, 1x15" low, 1x15" mid-low, 4x10"+horn mid-high). The results were surprising, because the sonority I managed to get competes with amps specifically dedicated to contrabass: A mortal Slap, a precise compression, power with a good Headroom, perfect input impedance for contrabass (in such a way to exclude preamps), and a good noise/signal ratio."

Jorge Pescara - Professional Musician.

Check here for some of his works:

Lake of Perseverance

Friends from Brazil 2001

Street Angels

CD "Lake of Perseverance",
by drummer Dom Um Romão.
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listen to portions of the CD.

CD "Friends from Brazil 2001"
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CD "Street Angels", with the
participation of several artists.
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listen to portions of the CD.


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