Modules Plug&Play

Personalize and update
your Studio R amplifier
with several functions.

STUDIO R Exclusiveness, Full, Full+, ADL, Sub-1, and Sub-2
   *  Frequency special cutoffs.
   *  Protection devices.
   *  Precise power settings.
   *  Ready for new technologies.

Sub-1, Full e ADL


The line of programmable processors is intended to enlarge the qualities and features of these amplifies on an incomparable way. They allow you to work out perfect technical solutions for your particular needs. This line currently relies on four special function modules, which transform your amplifiers into dedicated systems.

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ADL specifications Module for the processed stereo amplification.

Sub-1 specifications

Module for adding the subwoofer to your sound system.
Full specifications Modules for processed monitors and compact 2-way PAs.

Sub-2 specifications

Module which operates jointly with the Full, for large processed 3-way or 5-way PAs.
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Installing the modules on the amplifier is simple:
All you need is a Phillips screwdriver to replace the existing module on the rear panel.
Module installation

Remove the 4 bolts fastening the module onto the amplifier back panel.
The assembly comes out easily and the wiring is long enough to allow the module to come fully outwards.

The module has a good look, is built from quality material, and does not clash with the remaining equipment. The printed circuit is made in fiberglass metalized with gold bath on the connection edge. The plug-in connector feeding the module is also made in gold and is firmly attached with locking bolts.

Gold connector