LINE Amplifiers - Ambient series
Amplifiers for ambient sound system.
LINE amplifiers presents high definition, low distortion and low loss, being ideal for short or long-distance applications with a great efficiency and savings in sizing the wiring.
The following are among the main advantages in using 100-V lines:
- A greater application comprehension,
- A greater distance coverage and lower loss,
- Compatibility with 70-V line designs with performance gains,
- A more economical wiring sizing, without quality and yield losses.
MODELS: .LINE 200+200 400 watts RMS stereo / 100 volts. .LINE 350+350 700 watts RMS stereo / 100 volts.
.All model features:
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LINE Amplifier rear panel - Click to enlarge image

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▪ Oversized power supply:
Ensures the constant operation even on power lines with a highly variable voltage.

▪ Full protection system:
With Soft-Clip limiters, Soft-Start silent activation, and protection against, short-circuit, overload, DC, transients, reactive or mismatched loads, ultrasound, radiofrequency, or overheating.

▪ Dynamic cooler:
Full contact system between dissipator and transistors, increasing in 60% the cooling efficiency relative to the conventional systems

▪ Controls on the rear panel:
Individual input attenuators for each channel located just below the input and output signal connections.

Soft Clip processor...... Enhanced Portection Systems ......Soft Start Processor
AB Class
Harmonic distortion:
1 KhZ @ 1/2 of the rated power
Harmonic distortion:
20 Hz to 20 KHz @ rated power
lower than or equal to 0.5%
Frequency response:
20 Hz to 20 KHz, +/- 1.5 dB
Damping factor:
greater than 2000 to 50 Ohm @ 200 Hz
100 dBA relative to the maximum power
1 v RMS
Input impedance:
10 k Ohm balanced
front: power switch
rear: stereo/parallel switch, 110/220V, and input signal attenuation
power: 2 green LEDs
signal: 2 green LEDs
clipping: 2 red LEDs
line inputs and outputs: 2 XLR female connectors, and 2 P10 female connectors balanced.
Connecting bar for chassis and floating ground
speakers: 2 pairs of 1/4' terminal lugs.
aluminum duct with progressive ventilation
Soft-Clip, Soft-Start, short-circuited or open output, radiofrequency, reactive or mismatched loads, ultrasound, and input oversignal. Independent thermal sensors for each channel.
Load protection:
silent on/off, DC on the output
Output circuit:
linear complementary, Soft-Clip
110 or 220 VAC, selectable (can also be ordered in any other specification)
Precise Consumption:
1.65 times the output power used
height x width x depth
88.5 x 483 mm x 385 mm
Rated power, weight and
maximum consumption:
LINE 200+200: 400 W, 7.5kg, 110V-6A/220V-3A
LINE 350+350: 700 W, 7.6kg, 110V-10A/220V-5A

3 year warranty (valid for Brazil. Check with your dealer for local warranty).