The two best evidences that in Brazil a heavy-duty sound is played with international quality:

Sepultura - Igor Cavalera, Andreas Kisser, Paulo Jr and Derrick Green
                                                                                               Photo: Marcelo Rossi

Studio R active amplified and processed Systems
All requirements by
Sepultura on a single apparatus.

In preparing their shows and new album, Sepultura has been using the SKY Sound 300 and SKY Sound Bass modules with battery monitors and the Active 15 monitors with voice return. The result? Read Sepultura's words by themselves:

"Sepultura has already played using all existing stage equipment,and it was a great surprise to discover the Studio R systems. We did not expect to find such a good quality and power in Brazil. Studio R manufactures equipment which survives Sepultura's needs, withstand the blows on the drums, the contrabass bass sounds, and hold with clearness and power of the vocal sounds, from the most aggressive shrieks to the most melodious ones. It is so good to know we have another national pride to show the world."

Andreas Kisser - Sepultura  .

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