Plenty  of power!

4X4 - Four Speakers per Channel
One more Studio R exclusiveness

Did you think that all amplifiers were capable of providing maximum power for up to four speakers per channel?

If you thought they did not, you were right. This only a Studio R can make.


By connecting 4 speakers on each channel we have a 1.5-ohm load. The other amplifiers in the market are made for a minimum 2-ohm load and thereby cannot properly power so many speakers on a single channel, and end up heating too much, activating their protection circuits and dropping the power to values well below its maximum. They support 3 speakers per channel only.


The Studio R are the only ones to operate on up to
1.5 Ohm
They power up to 8 speakers at full power, with no extra effort.

That's why a Studio R always plays louder!

This is just one of the reasons making our amplifiers the best option in today's marketplace. A Studio R has no similar. We develop projects which are up to date and specific to suit touring class needs all over the world, catching up with the latest worldwide technologies, with an expertise of above 30 years of research and manufacturing.