A new amplification concept has just arrived: Studio R V8, the complete and definitive power for reproducing low frequency sounds.
Studio R V8
A V8 is capable of supplying the needs of the most powerful speakers in the market as well as make plenty use of powerless ones.


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How to power four 600-W speakers and still have a reserve for transients?
All you need is a V8.

How to use all musical power of 500-W speakers without damaging them?
All you need is a V8.

TRUE-RMS power selector

You can set the V8 power and ideal behavior for the 4-speaker models most used in the marketplace.

You can also choose ideal frequency cutoffs for bass on the amplifier itself via your integrated crossover.


A V8 amplifier provides a maximum 1000-Watt RMS power per speaker, for up to 4 speakers. This makes for 4000 Watts RMS for 4 speakers, with an extremely high sound quality at low frequencies and significant power, space, and weight savings: Only 19 kg on a single cabinet of 4 units/rack. This however is not its main advantage! It not just merely amplifies but also filters, limits, and equalizes the audio signals coming to its input and suit them to the speaker Musical Program power and RMS.
Linear Bass

500/600/800/1.000 Watts RMS

Intelligent Opto-limiter

The V8 amplifier is fitted with a very sophisticated input processor which can be set by means of a big output power selector on its front panel. The values set for the individual power per speaker are: 500, 600, 800,and 1000 Watts RMS. These values were chosen because they will satisfy the main types of speakers found in the market.
As most of the professional audio users are aware of, it is very important for an audio amplifier to be fitted with a power much greater than the rated power of the speaker it will feed. Then, if we calculate it, this will not just be an appropriate amplifier for 800-W speakers, but also the only one capable of providing the power, use, and ideal operating conditions for 500, and 600-Watt RMS speakers, with a high headroom, and having a necessary 3-dBs margin available.

You have never seen so much dynamics and SPL coming from your speakers! No blown stuff, distortion or compression, with full realism and tolerance on the transient reproduction.


Oversized power supply:
Ensure the constant operation even on lines with a highly variable voltage. Provides potent and precise bass, even under low impedance loads.

Dynamic Cooler in copper:
Total contact system between the dissipators and the transistors via copper bars, increasing the cooling efficiency relative to the conventional systems.

Selector True-RMS:
Sets the ideal power for each speaker type, with a peak factor control.

Total protection system:
With limiter/compressor, Soft-Clip, Auto-Mute silent activation, protection against surge, overload, DC, transients, reactive or mismatched loads, ultrasound, radio-frequency, and overheating.

Support for up to 4 speakers:
A system allowing for a perfect and enhanced operation on up to 1.5 Ohm, with no problems distortion, power drop or overheating verified on 2-ohm amplifier on these conditions.

Magnetic circuit breaker:
Eliminates the need for line fuses.

Integrated Linkwitz-Riley 24dB/octave crossover:
Sets the ideal cutoff frequency for bass and distributes rest of the signal.

Rear panel
^Above: The V8 rear panel: See the enlargement beside,
the input signal gain control and the complete signal
outputs (split), and with (hi-output) cutoff on 24 dB
per octave, chosen via the selector on the 80, 120 or 120 Hz
frequencies. The crossover can also be disabled.  >

..Crossover selector, gain and outputs

Total 3-Year Warranty***: Provided by means of a thorough selection of components and exhaustive tests such as the in-factory Burn-In at Studio R, which submits each apparatus to three 3-hour cycles under full load in high-temperature ovens, with cooling intervals followed by a new heating cycle. This process iis the only internationally proven way to detect faults or an early deterioration of electronic components on this application type.


Harmonic Distortion
100Hz - 1/2 of rated power

0.03%, 2 Ohm
0.02% 4 Ohm
0.01% 8 Ohm

Harmonic Distortion
20Hz-20KHz – rated power

lower than or equal to 0.1%

Frequency Response

20Hz to 20khz, +/- 1dB on the servo amplifier

Damping factor

Greater than 2000 to 8 Ohm @ 50Hz


105 dBA relative to the maximum power


1VRMS for the rated power.


10 K Ohm balanced


Front: power switch, power selector
Rear: Frequency selector, gain setting and crossover on/off. 


Power - 4 green LEDs (as per power)
Signal - 1 green LED
Clipping: 1 red LED


Line inputs and outputs: 1 XLR female connector 1 XLR male balanced
(pin1 "ground", pin 2 "+", pin 3 "-")
Crossover output: 1 XLR male connector
Speakers: 2 pairs of 1/4 terminals
con. bar for chassis and floating ground


Aluminum duct with forced ventilation.


Open or short-circuited output, limiter Crest-Factor, radiofrequency, reactive or mismatched loads lower than 1.6 Ohm +/- 45 degrees, ultrasound, input oversignal, and thermal sensor.


Auto-Mute silent On-Off, DC on the output.

under  rated load

Greater than 260 Volts, peak to peak


Linear complementary, Soft-Clip.


240V AC


1.5 times the output power used

height x width x depth

177mm X 483mm X 470mm


19 Kg / 4000W, 240V; 27A

.(***) Valid for products sold in Brazil. Check with your dealer for local warranty).