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SKY Sound Bass

Active and amplified

SKY Sound BASS is the ideal complement for the whole SKY Sound Fly line of processed self-powered systems, as it reproduces bass and subbass frequencies with high power and fidelity.
It also has audio distribution outputs (Hi and Low), with active 24dB/8, selectable at 80Hz, 120Hz, and 160Hz.
It sends only the high or low frequencies to the other system ways, taking the best of the power and fidelity of each module.

- General Specifications:
- 500 Watts RMS
- H Class
- Response: 30Hz to 160Hz (max)
- Active outputs at 24dB/8ª-
- Adjustable volume control
Opto-compressor / limiter
- Auto-Mute
- Silent internal cooling
- Professional 18" speaker
- Damping >1000
- Integrated pedestal bracket
- Integrated transport wheels
3-Year warranty***.


Example of assembly between other SKY Sound
modules, curves and rear panel:


SKY Sound Bass rear panel

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SKY Sound 300 Fly + SKY Sound Bass
(Stem sold separately)

Response curves

. Cutoff selected at 80Hz
. Cutoff selected at 120Hz
. Cutoff selected at 160Hz

The CREST-FACTOR processor offers the system an extraordinary and dynamic performance, protecting and ensuring its operations on long lasting applications. Its amplifier is fitted with an AUTO-MUTE, which allows for an always silent activation, even in case of transients and power outage. It is protected against high temperature, short-circuit, network fluctuations, transients, input overload, DC, reactive or mismatched loads, ultrasound and radiofrequency, with Soft-Clip, and Soft-Start activation.


 Frequency response (+/- 3dB) 30 - 80/120/160Hz
SPL max. (1m) 128 dB
SPL of residual noise (A Curve) 30dB
Input signal level for maximum output 0.5V RMS adjustable on the back panel
Input impedance (balanced) XLR 10K Ohm (P2 = +, P3 = -, P1=commom)
Crossover 24 dB/8a active and selectable
Power amplifier: 500 W RMS
Power 120V AC and 220V AC (or any custom voltage)
Operating room temperature 0 a +45 degrees
Dimensions (width X height X depth) 640mm X 650mm X 770mm
Weight 54kg

Cabinets with side grips to make transportation easier, made in high-quality multi-layered plywood with pressure injected structural resin (brazilian Parana pine), high-strength painting, reinforced corners in ABS, and front protection steel grid treated against corrosion..

Click here to download the PDF manual.

A 3-year warranty for electronic circuits and assembly***.

STUDIO R SKY Sound speakers, despite being for high power, can work in low noise environments such as studios or small spectable rooms, as they use a very low amplification system and are
silently cooled by the PIPE COOLING system.

.(***) Valid for products sold in Brazil. Check with your dealer for local warranty).