Speaker support:
Speaker support:
All amplifiers in the Heavy-Duty line are fitted with protection, adjustment, and integration mechanisms with speakers. These are features which contributes to the maximum efficiency, durability, and profitability of your PA, ensuring an optimum operation of a professional sound system.

You can only find some of these features and advantages on Studio R amplifiers.

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Linear Bass Linear Bass

Provides a new dimension for everything one is used to hearing in terms of clearness, fidelity, and sound pressure in the reproduction of low frequencies. Linear Bass is a device which, by means of a real-time sampling of the power sent to the transducers, corrects the effects of the speaker natural bass  nonlinearity on very high power regimes, transforming the system performance and acoustic linearity on an extraordinary manner.

It happens some times!
The electric power fails. An AC drop occurs. And everybody is in the dark. Will it take long? But by the time the power returns, with the PA open, your speakers suffer a lot and may get blown. With the STUDIO R AUTO-MUTE there is no noise. Your system will be very quiet and all your power will be intended for playing music only.

Adjustable High-Pass Filter

The speaker reproducing a pure sound should always be apparently unmovable.
Very often the bass speaker cone presents visible movements, which consumes power from your amplifier uselessly without generating any sound!
These movements are faults in general caused by the fluctuation of the some region's power line.
The high-pass filter of your Heavy Duty will prevent all sort of abnormal movement of the speaker cone, and all available power will be transformed into pure sound.

Adjustable Low-Pass Filter
Cuts off and limits high-frequency interferences.

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