Sub-1 Module main features:
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Variable low-frequency (high-pass) filter


with 12 dB per octave. Provides a perfect adaptation for the bass speaker.


Variable high-frequency (low-pass) filter,


with 12 dB per octave. Sets the bass speaker response limit perfectly.


Output power control limiter.

Crest Factor limiter
The only system to accurately set the amplifier power for each type of speaker.
- Balanced input with XLR connector and XLR signal distribution input

Technical Specifications:
.Sub-1 Module.
-Signal/noise ratio *Better than 100 dBA
-Harmonic distortion *Lower than 0.05% uncompressed
*Lower than 0.5% with a 6dB compression
-Input impedance *10kohm balanced
*5kohm unbalanced
-Maximum input level *+16dB
-Maximum gain *+9dB
-Crossover *Second order Butterworth.
*Hi-pass frequency selection from 20 to 40Hz
*Low-pass frequency selection from 100 to 200Hz
linearly variable (other values under request).
-Internal connection *Standard 16 pins, Plug&Play Studio R
-Panel connectors *Balanced input: 3-Pin XLR connector, female
*Output: 3-Pin XLR connector, male
-Maximum output signal *+9dB with limiter
*+18dB without limiter
-Dimensions *125mm X 74mm X 165mm
-Weight *240g
-Reference for specifications *1V RMS of input