FULL module main features:
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- Variable cutoff frequency splitter and selection by Microswitch,
with 24dB per octave (4th order) Linkwitz - Riley with a state variable topology.
- Independent gain control for bass and treble sounds.
- Variable low-frequency (high-pass) filter
with 18 dB per octave. Provides a perfect adaptation for the subwoofer.
- Variable high-frequency (low-pass) filter,
with 18 dB per octave. Feeds your drivers perfectly.
- Adjustable treble equalizer filter of +3 or +6dB for titanium driver.
- Bass equalizer filter with Q=2,
for equalization of bass reflecting speakers (Vented box or Band pass).
- Variable limiter independent from the gain control, for bass and treble sounds.
Crest Factor limiter
The only system to accurately set the amplifier power for each type of speaker.
- Balanced input with XLR connector and XLR signal distribution output.
Technical Specifications:
.FULL Module.
-Signal/noise ratio *Better than 90 dBA
-Inter-channel separation *Better than 50dB
-Harmonic distortion *Lower than 0.05% uncompressed
*Lower than 0.5% with a 6dB compression
-Input impedance *10kohm balanced
*5kohm unbalanced
-Crossover *Linkwitz-Riley 24dB/octave, State Variable topology,
Frequency selection from 80Hz to 7kHz.
-Maximum input level *+16dB
-Maximum gain *+9dB
-Internal connection *Standard 16 pins, Plug&Play Studio R
-Panel connectors *Balanced input: 3-Pin XLR connector, female
*Output: 3-Pin XLR connector, male
-Maximum output signal *+9dB with limiter
*+18dB without limiter
-Dimensions *125mm X 74mm X 165mm
-Weight *240g
-Reference for specifications *1V RMS of input